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Innovation is central to our mission to keep creating excellent, high value products that will benefit our customers. To us innovation is all about creating value through new concepts and new varieties that derive from forward-thinking, responding to needs, exploring uncharted territory and pushing back limits. This means that we challenge ourselves every day to be one step ahead in all that we do.

Our strength

Our strength lies within our experience and authenticity. What we create today is built on a foundation of a remarkable wide range of varieties, techniques and knowledge we have accumulated over the past 182 years. Through innovation that is driven by care, precision and authenticity we have become the experts we are today.


“We take pride in combining innovation with tradition”

— Siegfried Lachmann | Manager Research & Development at Takii Europe

Breeding technology

The core of our development continues to be a breeding technology of crossing. Besides that we also use DNA markers to speed up our R&D programs. Takii will continue to utilize innovative technologies, like genetic recombination technology, only to the degree that our concerns regarding any negative impact on food and the ecosystem have been met.


In 2005, Takii became a strategic shareholder in KeyGene. KeyGene is the go-to AgBiotech company for higher crop yield & quality. With their intellectual capital, solution driven approach and collaborative spirit, they work for the future of global agriculture with partners in the AgriFood sector. KeyGene helps organizations like us with their toughest R&D challenges, combining their cutting edge breeding technologies, bioinformatics & data science expertise and plant-based trait platforms.

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A better way

Sometimes “innovation” is simply asking yourself: “is there a better way?”

We were not satisfied with the results we were achieving with an acid treatment used to improve germination on our Canna seed. We were vigorously investigating other options and as a result invented a patented process using a laser. This original technology uses the precision of a laser to make two holes on the hard surface of the seed. These holes allow the seed to absorb water more easily, leading to improved germination rates.

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