Croma F1 4 Lavender Imp

EUSTOMA grandiflorum - FRS745

* Flower Earliness: IV * Flower Size : Middle * Croma has excellent rose-like flowers * Croma’s thick, strong petals and extra-double flowers set it apart as a premium variety. Due to the strength of the flowers and stems, it is well suited for cold chain shipping * Croma is attractive to florists * IV Lavender Imp. is later flowering and with higher plant height than IV Lavender * Rosette may happen under high temperature conditions

Crop type Cut Flowers
Article code FRS745
Common Name Lisianthus
Family Gentianaceae
Species grandiflorum
Series Croma F1
Variety 4 Lavender Imp
Colour Lilac
Plant height in cm 70-90
Group Lisianthus 4
Days to Germinate 20-25
Germination info Light required
Germination Temperature in °C 20-22
Pillcount per gram 1,000-1,200
VBN Code 112027
Division Flowers