Pear Bicolour

CUCURBITA pepo - CU2410

pear-shaped fruits in green/yellow and green/orange combinations

Crop type Pot & Bedding
Article code CU2410
Full Name CUCURBITA pepo Pear Bicolour
Year of Introduction 2021
Common Name Ornamental Squash
Botanical Category Annuals
Species pepo
Variety Pear Bicolour
Family Cucurbitaceae
Hybrid No
Colour Green, Yellow
Flowering - Harvest Sep, Oct
Use D - Dry flower, H - Heat tolerant, J - Full sun, R - Edible Flower, T - Ground cover
TSW 45.4545
Seedcount per gram 22
Germination Method In Sand, 20-30°C, Light - (SA20-30L)
Days to Germinate 0-7
Division Home Garden Flowers