Motto F1

Motto has a vigorous plant with short internodes and quite an open plant habit suitable for long cultivation with a high production. The cluster contains 10-12 fruits. The fruits ripen, quickly following each other, to a deep red colour. Due to the good shelf life the truss can be harvested with all fruits fully red. The fruits are very uniform round. The calyx is flat and very nicely star shaped. The skin is thin to medium thick skin. The taste is sweet with a hint of acidity.

Common Name Tomato
Crop VP Tomato
Crop Segmentation Truss medium
Variety Motto F1
Resistances HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0,1 | IR: Ma,Mi,Mj/TYLCV
Transplanting Time Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug, Sep
Maturity Late
Market Use Fresh Market
Weight - Gr 130
Cultivation Period Long Cycle
Plant Type Indeterminate