Pink Deli F1

Pink Deli is an early Momotaro tomato variety with slightly flattened fruits with smooth ribbed shoulders. Pink Deli colours very easily and quickly. The fruits are deep pink and uniform in colour. The wall of the fruit is thin. Internally the fruits are multi locular, delicate of texture and taste. The variety combines sweetness with a light acidity making it an example of Umami taste. The plant is vigorous with medium long internodes, a semi open character that needs higher Ec.

Common Name Tomato
Crop VP Tomato
Crop Segmentation Specialty
Variety Pink Deli F1
Resistances HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol 0,1/For/Ff: A,D/ | IR: Ma,Mi,Mj
Transplanting Time Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug, Sep
Maturity Early
Market Use Fresh Market
Weight - Gr 200
Cultivation Period Short Cycle
Plant Type Indeterminate



Antonio Almodovar Spain, Portugal (GH), Morocco, Tunisia