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Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - Thursday, September 26, 2019 • Vegetables

Seed Meets Technology


24 – 26 September 2019

Opening hours

9am – 5pm


Tolweg 13
1681 ND Zwaagdijk-Oost
The Netherlands

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We have the pleasure to invite you to Takii’s demo days at Seed meets Technology. Our team will be at your disposal for the introduction to our Takii assortment.

At this year’s edition of Seed meets Technology we proudly present to you:

Leafy crops

This year we introduce a new assortment of oriental spinach. The promising varieties stand out due to their firm leaves and attractive dark green colour. These and other unique characteristics make this program particularly suitable for the fresh market and fresh pack.


Besides the reliable assortment of cabbages, Takii introduces savoy type Deuce F1. The newcomer is compact, has a good internal structure and shows a beautiful dark green colour. The hybrid allrounder is suitable for late summer- and autumn cultivation.


Takii shows its first and promising varieties for the European market. Notable features of these debutants are earliness, colour and yield.


Bacano F1 is an introduction to keep on your radar. This new variety of Takii fits late summer- and autumn cultivation and is strong against Alternaria head rot. Besides that, Bacano F1 stands out due to the preservation of its beautiful green colour and the continuous development during lower temperatures.


The onion portfolio consisting of Ruby Star F1, Novista F1 and Bruce F1 amongst other varieties will not be missing in our presentation. You can also learn more about Medusa F1, an early type onion that exceeds all expectations.

Make sure you plan your visit today and please revert to your product- and account manager when you visit our demo field.

See you soon at Seed meets Technology!