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(Senior) Veredelaar(s)

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BLOG: Lisianthus has it all!

“It looks like serious competition is about to enter the cut flower top 5.”

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BLOG: How Sunflowers lead to meeting the Dutch King

"I was very impressed by his knowledge about our industry."

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Sunrich® Sunflowers play an important role in the royal opening of the Van Gogh & Japan exhibition

Sunrich® Sunflowers in the leading role during the opening ceremony!

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Zaad Productie Specialist

Takii is op zoek naar een jonge starter die bij ons komt werken en die tegelijkertijd met enthousiasme en gedrevenheid gedurende drie jaar de opleiding gaat volgen tot Zaad Productie Specialist

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BLOG: Sharing is multiplying – Listening is appreciating

"When you truly listen, the rewards are immediate."

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Uitbreiding samenwerking tussen Takii Europe B.V. en Demagri N.V. in België

Exclusieve samenwerking gericht op afzet groentezaden op Belgische markt

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Takii Seed christens Lisianthus ‘Corelli Delft Blue’ at IPM Essen

Introduction of a new Lisianthus variety with an extraordinary colour pattern.

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Brassica Open Day in Spain

On 14 February, we organise an open day in the field, to show you our current assortment of our cabbage and broccoli varieties.

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