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BLOG: Rethink, Revalue and Flip-Thinking

A synonym for “yes-and-thinking” is Flip-Thinking.

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BLOG: How to support a Plant Parent!

Wondering where the trend of using more (indoor) plants comes from?

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BLOG: What can we learn from the Japanese?

What is it like - to work for a Japanese company?

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BLOG: Celebrate Summer

"An annual tradition to celebrate summer is born!"

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BLOG: Lisianthus has it all!

“It looks like serious competition is about to enter the cut flower top 5.”

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BLOG: How Sunflowers lead to meeting the Dutch King

"I was very impressed by his knowledge about our industry."

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BLOG: Sharing is multiplying – Listening is appreciating

"When you truly listen, the rewards are immediate."

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BLOG: It is a miracle…

"If this can be done in Dubai, why not in other parts of the world?"

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BLOG: The true power of flowers & green

"Plants and flowers are sure to play a crucial role in urban environments."

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