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It is remarkable how strongly you can connect with others so quickly.


Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Another great experience, recruiting our first colleague in Kenya; an Account & Trial Manager Vegetables for East Africa.

Due to corona restrictions, I was unable to travel to Nairobi but was digitally connected to participate in these conversations. With local presence our African colleague, the recruitment agency and of course the six pre-selected candidates.

Recruitment in Africa was new to me, so in the beginning I mostly listened. But soon I became fully involved in the conversations. There was little noticeable cultural difference. In fact, the questions were sometimes even more direct than I am used to in the Netherlands. And the answers were often surprisingly thoughtful. The quality of the candidates was very high: their level of professionalism, attitude and motivation. This allowed us to really go in-depth during the interviews.

What I remember most are the conversations with the two (remaining) candidates. We asked the most experienced candidate why he applied for this position (leaving his good current job). In the end, it turned out that promises from his current employer were insufficiently fulfilled. It shows once again how important it is as an organization to do what you promise! This candidate had therefore a match and connection with our corporate values ‘reliability’ and  ‘quality-driven.’

The other candidate (with growth potential) herself discussed the improvement of the position of women in agriculture and horticulture in Kenya. In the conversation, she told how more and more women are claiming their role and are being supported in creatively shaping their work future. For this candidate, there is a connection with Takii’s other core values ​​‘respect’ and ‘innovative’.

Wow! It is remarkable how strongly you can connect with others so quickly. Through a good conversation, regardless of the distance. Resulting in a great energy that you experience – feeling seen and appreciated by each other! I look forward to continuing with either of these two candidates. And can’t wait to meet each other ‘live’, which adds an extra dimension to connection.

I wish everyone happy holidays and a beautiful 2022 – full of connection!

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