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BLOG: Everything is energy

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How is everything related to energy?

Everything is energy

Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Energy has also played a significant role in my life lately. Energy: the ability to do ‘work’, force. How is everything related to energy?

At the beginning of May, I was struck by COVID. After two weeks of having a bad cold, there was hardly any energy left for the following weeks. A difficult time in which I experienced how important your energy level is in everything you do and think.

Fortunately, I recovered just in time for the FlowerTrials, in which we received 1500 international relations in four days. This event could not take place for two years and was, therefore, a special edition. Being surrounded by fantastic flowers and plants already gives a lot of energy. Finally, meeting relationships live again provided a boost in energy! Wow, so many conversations, dynamism and inspiration.

The current energy ‘market’ was at the centre of many conversations. Almost everyone is confronted with uncertainty and with sharply rising energy costs. The heated greenhouse horticulture is being hit hard; growers cannot pass on the extremely high energy costs in their prices. Regularly resulting in stress and a feeling of powerlessness; no influence to change the situation. And what next?

Then, I think we come to one of the hardest things there is: acceptance. Accept by embracing ‘what is’ and stopping fighting that which cannot be fought. By staying calm and focusing on what you can influence. During COVID, we learned what resilience is – how to deal with sudden setbacks. This crisis also demands a lot from us regarding flexibility, creativity and energy.

Albert Einstein knew: ‘Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. It is important to charge your ‘own’ battery regularly, for example, by exercising, spending time with loved ones or a few days out. I wish you all a great Summer: healthy and relaxed. And then pick up where we left off –  full of energy!

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