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Takii unveils new brand identity for Sahin portfolio

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Takii is proud to announce a dynamic new brand identity for its esteemed Sahin portfolio.

Takii is proud to announce a dynamic new brand identity for its esteemed Sahin portfolio. This refreshed identity underscores Sahin’s commitment to providing premium flower and vegetable seeds for the home gardeners and specialty growers, reflecting a strategic repositioning to ensure future growth and adaptability.

For over 40 years, Sahin has been synonymous with offering a wide, diverse array of non-GMO, primarily open-pollinated, high-quality seed varieties. The new brand identity captures this legacy while positioning Sahin to meet the evolving needs of the market with a fresh, modern look.

“As the market landscape has evolved, it has become essential for us to adapt and reposition the Sahin brand to better serve both home gardeners and specialty growers, including market farmers,” said Peta Klinkspoor, Senior Account & Product Manager of the Sahin portfolio at Takii Europe. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering high-quality seeds and ensuring our customers can rely on both our well-established and novel varieties. This rebranding signifies our dedication to maintaining Sahin as a trusted and future-ready B2B brand for generations to come.”

The revamped Sahin logo and visual identity have been meticulously designed to resonate across digital and physical platforms, symbolizing quality, reliability, originality and the vibrant diversity of the portfolio. The new look emphasizes Sahin’s market repositioning, ensuring it is well-equipped to face the future with confidence and clarity.

Experience the full spectrum

In conjunction with the rebranding, the Sahin Sales team invites you to experience the full spectrum of its offerings at the Sahin Summer Trials in De Kwakel, The Netherlands, from July 22 until August 1. This event will showcase an extensive portfolio of flower and vegetable varieties on a large-scale demo field, providing an immersive experience of Sahin’s diverse assortment suited for various markets. The Summer Trials are by appointment only, so book your appointment via this link.

(from left to right) Peta Klinkspoor, Wen Klopstra and Allison Zeeb, representatives of Sahin








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