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Going wild gardening!

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Going wild gardening!

Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Wild gardens are a source of beauty AND biodiversity. A clear conclusion from Fergus Garrett, an English plantsman and driving force behind one of the world’s cult gardens: Great Dixter in southern England. During the recent Fleuroselect convention in the United Kingdom, he inspired us with his powerful story.

A garden lets you feel the earth beneath our feet and puts you in touch with Mother Nature. A wild garden takes this feeling to a higher, deeper and more spiritual level. Not only through the carpet of flowers and colors, but also as a source of a richer life.

Fergus Garett gradually transformed the cultivated gardens of Great Dixter into more natural, wild gardens. Today a paradise for gardeners, ecologists and naturalists from around the world. The long grasses, ancient walls and constantly changing flower borders provide an extremely rich environment for fauna and flora.

The recent biodiversity survey at Great Dixter showed how extraordinarily rich the gardens and estate are in wildlife. The results were astounding, and not just in the woods, meadows and ponds. Surprisingly, the ornamental gardens were the richest of all! They weren’t gardening specifically for biodiversity – it’s just there, as a byproduct. What was found on this small patch: an exceptional collection of birds, 40% of all bee species in the UK, rare and scarce butterflies and moths, new species of spiders, etc.

This gives hope and inspiration! The techniques used in Great Dixter are not difficult and can be applied in any garden or green space. Just let the roadside, grassland or borders do their thing unhindered. Nature largely does its own work, resulting in rich biodiversity. If desired, special flower varieties or special seed mixes are also available – providing even more biodiversity.

Fergus’ experience encourages us to do even more with this, in our own environment and with our fantastic flower products. Will you join us?



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