Coronation F1

TCA-581 is the next-level variety for professional growers in the Northern- and Central European areas seeking more flexibility, maximum yield and cost reduction. That is because TCA-581 lets growers stretch the planting date and density, harvesting can be planned till November and storage up until the end of May, the vigorous root system ensures tolerance to varying soil conditions, the suitability for mechanical harvesting and its resilience to Xanthomonas and Thrips.

Common Name Cabbage
Crop VP Cabbage
Crop Segmentation White cabbage
Variety Coronation F1
Sowing Time Feb, Mar, Apr
Transplanting Time Apr, May, Jun
Harvest Time Sep, Oct, Nov
Maturity in days 140
Market Use Fresh Market, Long storage
Weight - Gr 3500
Head Shape Round
Density per ha 45.000