Crane F1 White Gen 2

BRASSICA oleracea - FHB653

[Round Leaf type] * Winter bouquets are much more charming with the round shape, varied colours and long-lasting vase life of the Crane series * Genetically, the flower head was bred to be compact; however, plant spacing will determine the size of the flower as well * Crane Pink, Red and White have a very uniform, upright habit and complement each other very well

Crop type Cut Flowers
Article code FHB653
Common Name Flowering Kale
Family Brassicaceae
Species oleracea
Series Crane F1
Variety White Gen 2
Colour White
Plant height in cm 60-90
Days to Germinate 4-6
Germination Temperature in °C 20-25
Seedcount per gram 350-550
Division Flowers




Sander van der Meer Northwest Europe, Africa