Delica Star (TNK-163) F1

Delica Star is an improvement over “Delica” in several aspects. 1; It has a darker, more black skin colour. 2; The variety is intermediate resistant to Powdery Mildew. 3; It has a higher yield potential on average weight as well as number of fruits. The average maturity is 45 days after pollination. The timing can be indicated by cracks appearing both vertically as horizontally in the fruit stem

Common Name Squash
Crop VP Squash
Crop Segmentation Kabocha
Variety Delica Star (TNK-163) F1
Resistances IR: Px
Sowing Time Apr, May, Jun
Maturity in days 45
Market Use Short storage, Medium storage
Weight - Gr 2200


José Jaime Dols Spain