Semi Dwarf Sunspot

HELIANTHUS annuus - HE1970

(SAHIN 1989) PVP golden yellow single giant flowers, yellow centres, good foliage

Crop type Pot & Bedding
Article code HE1970
Full Name HELIANTHUS annuus Sunspot
Year of Introduction 1989
Common Name Sunflower
Botanical Category Annuals
Species annuus
Series Semi Dwarf
Variety Sunspot
Family Asteraceae
Colour Golden Yellow
Height in cm - inches 40 - 16
Height Category Short
Flowering - Harvest Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Use H - Heat tolerant, I - Economic plant, f.e. cereal, dye, fibre, oil, J - Full sun, L - Landscaping, O - Suitable for tea, P - Pot plant, patio plant, R - Edible Flower, Y - Attracting beneficial insects and hummingbirds, Z - Suitable for microgreen, babyleaf or sprouting
TSW 55.5556
Seedcount per gram 18
Germination Method In Sand, 20°C, Light - (SA20L)
Days to Germinate 0-7
Division Home Garden Flowers



Peta Klinkspoor Central and East Europe
Wen Klopstra North and South Europe
Allison Zeeb North America