Jaleo F1

This melon has a vigorous plant that stays healthy. It is interesting for Organic Growers due to its intermediate resistance to Aphis gossypii and the package of Podosphaera xanthii (Px1,3,5,3.5). Jaleo is suitable for Greenhouse cultivation only. It sets easily and reaches eight to nine fruits per plant. The fruit size is 1.0 – 1.2 kg. Jaleo's fruits have an medium-early ripening maturity, an evenly distributed netting and excellent brix of 13,5° and higher. Jaleo is very suitable for export.

Common Name Melon
Organic Seed Yes
Crop VP Melon
Crop Segmentation Galia
Variety Jaleo F1
Resistances HR: Fom 0,1/ MNSV/Px1,2,5, 3,5+ Ag
Maturity in days 85
Market Use Fresh Market
Weight - Gr 1000
Shape Round
Density per ha 8000