Manet (TSP-398) Mix F1

Is a traditional semi long shelf life Melon for greenhouse.The variety starts off green and changes to yellow when mature.Growers are easily able to harvest at the optimum maturity.Due to it resistance package against Aphids and Powdery Mildew(Px1,2,3,5,3.5),Manet is really interesting for organic growers.Is very stable performer, with good netting and homogeneous round sizes (1-1,2kgs).Ripening maturity is medium and also netting is good.Manet F1 has an excellent flavor with hing ºBrix content.

Common Name Melon
Crop VP Melon
Crop Segmentation Galia
Variety Manet (TSP-398) Mix F1
Resistances HR Fom 0,1,2/MNSV; IR Px 1,2,5, 3-5/Ag
Transplanting Time Feb, Mar
Harvest Time May, Jun
Maturity in days 85
Market Use Fresh Market
Weight - Gr 1000
Shape Round
Density per ha 8.000



José Jaime Dols Spain