Perilla Green

PERILLA frutescens - ATY132

less curled than red, good aroma and taste, for salads, soups and cress

Crop type Leafy Crops
Article code ATY132
Full Name PERILLA frutescens Perilla Green
Common Name Shiso
Botanical Category Annuals
Variety List EU No
Species frutescens
Variety Perilla Green
Family Lamiaceae
TSW 1.1628
Seedcount per gram 860
Germination Method Top of Paper, 20°C, Light - (TP20L)
Days to Germinate 7-14
Division Home Garden Vegetables
Use M - Medicinal or kitchen herb, P - Pot plant, patio plant, V - Vegetable, Z - Suitable for microgreen, babyleaf or sprouting



Peta Klinkspoor Central and East Europe
Wen Klopstra North and South Europe
Allison Zeeb North America