Pink Treat F1

Pink Treat F1 is a medium early Momotaro tomato variety with (flat) round fruits, slightly ribbed shoulders and multi locular (real beef) structure. Pink Treat F1 has a slight green shoulder at start that colours smoothly to a uniform deep pink. The wall of the fruit is medium thick making it suitable for transportation. The internal quality is tender and juicy. It produces clusters with 4-5 fruits, suitable for loose harvest only. The first 3 clusters have fruits with weights' up to 250 grams

Common Name Tomato
Crop VP Tomato
Crop Segmentation Specialty
Variety Pink Treat F1
Resistances HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol 0-2/For/Ff:A,D//Ma,Mi,Mj
Transplanting Time Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug, Sep
Maturity Medium-Early
Market Use Fresh Market
Weight - Gr 220
Cultivation Period Short Cycle
Plant Type Indeterminate



Antonio Almodovar Spain, Portugal (GH), Morocco, Tunisia