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Canna CANNOVA series

CANNOVA plants make one think of the Mediterranean, subtropical or tropical countries and regions, the beach, warm nights, flowerbeds, the sun, warmth and good times. The Canna CANNOVA series, with its outstanding garden performance and profuse flowering until the first frost, adds a tropical touch to any outdoor space, whether it’s a cool or warm Summer.

The Canna F1-Hybrids CANNOVA series was bred from the species Canna x generalis. Traditional plant breeding methods were applied to develop the CANNOVA series with the aim of producing varieties that could be used not only in subtropical and tropical climates where cannas originally evolved but also in cooler summer climates.

Key features:

  • From the time that CANNOVA starts to bloom (April), it continues to flower until the first frost.
  • Next to (sub)tropical climates, Canna CANNOVA thrives very well in cooler summer climates.
  • Dynamic, strong, long-lasting and great branching; Canna CANNOVA is an excellent performer.
  • Canna CANNOVA is suitable for open soil, balcony- and patio pots and mixed containers.


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80,000 CANNOVA bring colour to Vienna

This summer no less than 80,000 Canna CANNOVA have been lighting up the city of Vienna. The city’s parks department chose these exotic plants from breeder Takii as part of this year’s summer planting scheme. Volmary was responsible for supplying this enormous number of young plants to the Vienna city nursery. Takii and Volmary visited Vienna to take a look at the world of this unusual order.

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