Panther – Spotted Sensation

Digitalis Panther

Appealing and with a profusion of flowers. Dainty on the outside and bold on the inside. Continuous flowering from early spring through to late autumn.

High decorative value

When you see the new Digitalis Panther, you can recognise instantly that this is no ‘wallflower’. The plant has a very natural appearance, thanks to a bushy habit with many shoots with an impressive number of flowers. The flowers are quite unusual in terms of both shape and colour. The elegant pink flowers immediately catch the eye. The inside of the flower reflects the name – a bold animalistic pattern: Spotted Sensation. What an incredible contrast!

Growth, flowering and sustainability

Digitalis Panther has a proven strong character and can grow in a wide variety of (climatic) conditions. It blooms for a long time, it flowers continuously from early spring through to late autumn. The nectar in the flowers is very appealing to bumblebees and honeybees, and thereby contributes to the survival of these pollinators. The Panther is a perennial, and therefore fits perfectly in a sustainable garden.

Ideal garden plant

The sturdy Panther has a compact growth habit with short stems packed with flowers. It grows to a medium height up to 50 – 90 cm (whilst other Digitalis varieties are often taller). This means it can be easily used in any garden (or public planting project). It looks very attractive in large pots or planters – or in beds, of course. But Digitalis Panther offers another benefit. The plant does not produce any seeds (non-invasive) so that the plant will not reseed itself.

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