Vivaldi premium viola cornuta

Discover the vibrant world of Vivaldi violas: A symphony of colours

Experience unmatched floral richness and colour impact

Are you tired of low-flowering and underperforming spring season violas? Experience the vibrant floral richness of Vivaldi F1 – a standout choice that captivates consumers and enhances your sales with a symphony of colours.

Early flowering, early impact

Vivaldi takes the lead with its early flowering, enabling growers to swiftly bring these captivating blooms to market, starting as early as week 7 for North-West Europe.


Whether adorning hanging baskets, containers, or garden beds, Vivaldi’s multi-branching, mounding and semi-trailing nature ensures versatile usage and a colourful coverage.


Vivaldi violas stand strong against frost and snow, ensuring reliable and robust performance even in challenging weather conditions. They’re more than just a pretty face; they’re a hardy choice for gardens facing the whims of nature.

Colour palette & cultivation

Choose from three stunning colours: Beacon, Blue Yellow Lip, and Yellow, with more shades on the horizon. Recommended for 12 cm pots and larger, Vivaldi violas come with cultivation information to help you get the best violas out there. Get in contact with one of our product specialists by submitting below form.

Marketing kit available

Vivaldi is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom and all EU countries, ensuring the name and quality associated with the brand are protected and recognized across Europe. To support your marketing efforts and help you capitalize on the brand’s reputation, we offer a comprehensive, free-to-use Vivaldi Marketing Kit. Request your kit via below form.

Find out more

Interested in how Vivaldi violas could work for you? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us to learn more about our stunning range and how you can benefit from our free marketing kit or cultivation information. Simply submit the form below, and we’ll be in touch very soon.













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