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2019 AAS Winner Tropaeolum ‘Baby Rose’

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Exciting News !

The last nasturtium AAS Winner was back in the early days, in the 1930’s.

Time to introduce a wonderful rose coloured nasturtium perfect for today’s gardens. Baby Rose is a petite-flowered, mounding variety with healthy, dark foliage ideal for containers and small space gardens. AAS’ expert judges praised the uniformly compact plants that sported flowers with consistent coloration. Their compact habit means less “flower flopping” with their blooms remaining upright throughout the season. The rose colour is uncommon in nasturtiums and contrasts beautifully with the dark-green foliage. Baby Rose flowers from Summer to Frost.

Bonus: both the leaves and flowers are edible!

About AAS

All-America Selections is the oldest, independent testing organization of flower and edible varieties in North America. The mission of All-America Selections is “to promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America.” To accomplish this, the All-America Selections (AAS) organization oversees a collaborative testing program involving horticulture professionals all across the continent.

Find out more about our 2019 AAS Flower Winner Tropaeolum  ‘Baby Rose’ . Click here.

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