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BLOG: Acknowledgement as motive

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Acknowledgement means proud: proud of our company and our beautiful horticultural sector!

Acknowledgement as motive

Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Since my previous blog, the social uncertainty has become even bigger due to the energy crisis that has arisen. This affects us all, but the consequences for heated glasshouse horticulture are disastrous. For many companies, it will be a matter of staying healthy and surviving the next winter, in the hope that the energy situation will improve in the long term. Fortunately, there seems to be a cautious recognition from politicians – with possible compensation for energy costs.

In the context of health, we as Takii Europe again participated as a company team in the bicycle tour Ride for the Roses. This year starting from the Floriade; well organized and with beautiful routes through the centre of the Netherlands. Symbolically we first drove through rain and wind, to end up sunny after 100km. Thanks to the more than 2000 cyclists, the amount of € 250,000 has been raised for the KWF – fighting against cancer.

This ‘ride’ is also a feast of recognition. Not only do we meet customers or personal relations, but we are also increasingly recognized as ‘Team Takii’. The popular ‘Takii polka dot jersey’ certainly contributes to this, but also known by the AGF Takii Tour team game or as a sunflower partner of the Van Gogh Museum. Along the way in the peloton, we were pleasantly surprised by this several times – which led to nice new conversations.

And then recognition suddenly becomes acknowledgement. Being seen, to be important and matter. With great appreciation for horticulture, our products, and Takii – all the work that we have achieved as a team. Acknowledgement means proud: proud of our company and our beautiful horticultural sector! And pride is what we need in these harsh times and to which we can certainly hold on tight.

Photo credits: Michiel Maas via www.ridefortheroses.nl

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