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Pot Lisianthus Julietta: A lovely gift

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Julietta; a lovely gift!

Pot Lisianthus Julietta: A lovely gift

In the coming period, Julietta will be available again for retail. Julietta is the potted Lisianthus for indoor use with double flowers and a romantic ornamental value due to its lovely colour palette. Julietta is bred by Takii and, in the Netherlands, available for exporters at growers Bosplant and SV.CO.

Lovely Lisianthus

The start of spring is accompanied by the start of the season for a special product: Potlisianthus Julietta. After the successful introduction of Julietta in 2021, the double-flowered pot plant is starting its second season. Julietta stands out with its lovely colours; soft pink, bright white and bright blue, which flower long and abundantly. This pot lisianthus is a perfect present because of its compact size and romantic look!


Julietta is developed by Takii. The beauty of the double-flowered (cut) lisianthus was incorporated by the Japanese breeder into a compact houseplant series. The introduction last year went hand in hand with the development of a matching style guide and product images. These are available as a marketing kit for exporters and retailers and can be requested from Takii. Julietta is available at Bosplant and SV.CO. SV.CO markets Julietta under the label ‘Lisi Lova’. The current availability of both growers can be viewed on Floriday.

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