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Spotted sensation Digitalis ‘Panther’ available again

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This spring, consumers can once again enjoy the floral splendour of Digitalis Panther.

Spotted sensation Digitalis ‘Panther’ available again

This spring, consumers can once again enjoy the floral splendour of Digitalis Panther. After the successful introduction of last season, this ‘spotted sensation’ will be available again this spring from various growers.


In addition to the bushy habit of Digitalis Panther, the colourful outdoor plant is especially notable for its abundance of flowers. The many shoots and the number of pink flowers per stem make it a true eye-catcher in the garden, balcony, or patio. The flowers stand out not only because of their vibrant colour but also because of the pattern. The inside of the flower lives up to its name: a bold panther pattern with sensational spots. Not only the consumer is attracted by this floral splendour, buzzing bumblebees and honeybees are also drawn.

Ideal garden plant

Digitalis Panther has a compact habit with short stems full of flowers. It has a medium height and can reach 50-90 cm (where other Digitalis species are often longer). This makes it easy to use in any garden (or landscaping project). On top of that, Digitalis Panther has another advantage that meets the need of the end-consumer. Digitalis Panther does not set seeds, meaning; this plant does not produce any seeds (non-invasive), so it will not reseed itself.


Digitalis Panther is bred by Takii and marketed in cooperation with four selected distributors; Florensis, Ball, Graines Voltz and Rudy Raes. The garden plant was successfully introduced last year and was even one of the final five candidates for the prestigious FleuroSelect Award. Panther is grown in various pot sizes by many growers throughout Europe and beyond. In the Netherlands, among others, growers are: Van Woudenberg Planten, Kwekerij Alpha, Wim Vos, Apartus, Kwekerij de Noordpoel, Endhoven, Mts. Roest, AltaNova, Tim van Leeuwen and Van den Brand Nursery. For current seed- or plant availability, we recommend that you consult Floriday, contact Takii or one of the aforementioned distributors.

Digitalis Panther

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