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Takii launches Corelli – You deserve nothing less

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Corelli brengt elegantie, weelderigheid en een vleugje dramatiek in perfecte harmonie.

Takii launches Corelli – You deserve nothing less

Corelli – You deserve nothing less. With this new campaign, breeder Takii brings its large-flowered, fringed Lisianthus collection to the attention of growers, exporters, wholesalers and florists. With its colours and shapes, Corelli brings elegance, luxuriance and a touch of drama into perfect harmony.

High ornamental value

When you see the Lisianthus collection Corelli, it immediately becomes clear that this is a versatile flower. The assortment consists of different varieties in a wide range of colours, is of high quality and has a long vase life. Because of the availability of the charismatic Corelli in different colours, a florist can use it for various arrangements. Corelli is easy to combine with other flowers, which makes it the perfect series for a graceful bouquet with a touch of drama. A florist simply deserves to use Corelli’s Lisianthus in their flower arrangements. Corelli, you deserve nothing less!  

Do it, be bold

In the campaign, Takii goes back to the style period of the Baroque, in which composer Corelli lived. Romanticism and grandeur of this era play a leading role in Corelli’s new branding and illustrates the high ornamental value of this Lisianthus collection. Takii places the 17th century in a new look by enhancing its story with a fitting location for the photography, which brings out the elegance and grace even more. The Corelli marketing kit consisting of the style guide and images is available to growers, exporters, wholesalers and florists via marketing@takii.eu.












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