UNIO - Set to Grow

What makes an onion ‘UNIO’?

Takii and onion set specialist Go Products intensified their collaboration with the introduction of ‘UNIO’, a brand for onion sets. UNIO builds upon an innovative onion breeding program of Takii and the supply and service of Go Products and its producers and distributors. Both family-owned businesses consider ‘reliability’ as a fundamental pillar in regards to assortment, supply, service and relationships.

The UNIO assortment excels in earliness, quality and yield. With a diverse selection of onion sets, we can meet the needs of professional growers situated throughout Europe. Each variety holds unique characteristics that fit particular circumstances, conditions, areas and purposes.

With UNIO, we want to empower our customer’s growth by supplying premium quality onion sets, sharing valuable knowledge, and by delivering excellent service.

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