Kameleon - 100% Sssweet

Experience the true taste of galia with Kameleon

Say goodbye to bland and tasteless Galia melons, and say hello to a superior taste experience with Kameleon. With our innovative approach to melon breeding, we’ve developed melons that are 100% ssssweet, just as Galia melons should be.

Unlike other Galia melons in the market, Kameleon melons are harvested mature right after the fruits have changed their colour from green to yellow. This ensures that you get the perfect taste with every bite. Our melons are bursting with sweet flavours, boasting a Brix level of up to 16, and are accompanied by delightful additional aromas that will tantalize your taste buds.

But it’s not just about taste – Kameleon melons also offer a smooth texture that is juicy and refreshing. When you cut into a Kameleon melon, you’ll be greeted with a fresh look and irresistible greenish-white flesh. Plus, our melons have a small internal cavity, resulting in little waste so that you can enjoy more of the delicious fruit.

Download the Kameleon brochure for more information or contact marketing@takii.eu

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