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BLOG: Behind the Olympic victory bouquet

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Giving flowers to congratulate the winner, seems logical, but... there's more to it.

Giving flowers to congratulate the winner, seems logical, but… there’s more to it.


Author:┬áHarm Custers┬áÔÇô Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Behind the Olympic victory bouquet

Tribute to all athletes who participated in the recent Tokyo Olympics and in particular to those who won medals. We have enjoyed your tremendous achievement and exceptional performance. Sometimes with special stories about the challenging road that was taken to achieve the victory.

What struck me during each medal-ceremony, is the beautiful flower bouquet given to each winner. Great free publicity for flowers! What probably many of you don’t know, is that they are more than just flowers. There is a whole story of symbolism and hope behind this Olympic victory bouquet.

The design and flowers have been chosen carefully by the Olympic organizers in Japan. The used flowers are grown mainly in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. It’s hoped the Olympics will present a perfect opportunity to promote their charm to a global audience. The flowers were chosen for the special meaning they represent to the disaster-affected areas.

Sunflowers from Miyagi: Parents who lost children, returned to the area to plant sunflowers on the hill in Miyagi where children sought safety from the oncoming tsunami. Each year, the hill blooms with the sunflowers in remembrance.

Lisianthus from Fukushima: Today, a nonprofit organization grows flowers in Fukushima to nurture the hope of recovery after the earthquake.

Gentians from Iwate: This region is widely known for its production of gentians. It’s Indigo blue colour is the same as the Tokyo 2020 Games emblem.

It’s hoped that the flowers will not only reflect the strength of the people and recovery efforts in these disaster-affected areas in Japan but shine a new light on them as well.

Another great example of the significance of flowers and what they can do in our life.

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