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BLOG: ­č嬭čŹů Powerful tomato!

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I am proud that we are launching the very first product from our unique Phytorich® range.

BLOG: ­č嬭čŹů Powerful tomato!

Author:┬áHarm Custers┬áÔÇô Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

I am proud that we are launching the very first product from our unique┬áPhytorich┬«┬árange: high time for our very special and powerful ÔÇťGochiso PR-7ÔÇŁ tomato!

For health-conscious people with a taste for fresh, Phytorich provides a premium range of flavourful vegetables, each naturally packed with exceptionally high levels of powerful phytonutrients. In Japan, Phytorich® has become a matured brand, recognised and preferred on a consumer level. Takii is now ready to introduce Phytorich® in Europe.

Phytonutrients are natural components produced by plants. These compounds are part of a smart inbuilt defence system protecting the plant from elements such as insects and diseases (that are blocking healthy growth). The protective qualities of phytonutrients in plants can be as beneficial to human health. Fresh vegetables are among the best natural sources of phytonutrients. Phytorich® vegetables are specially selected for high natural content in combination with taste.

The ÔÇťGochiso PR-7ÔÇŁ tomato holds a high level of glutamic acid, providing pure umami flavour. On top of that, it is very rich in lycopene. Lycopene benefits cardiovascular health by lowering the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood. This is backed up by a clinical trial, conducted by the Hokkaido Information University in Japan. As a result of the trial, the ÔÇťGochiso PR-7ÔÇŁ tomato is allowed to claim a health function in Japan, making it the only science-based tomato in the world.

Back to Europe, in a time where the demand for (extra) healthy vegetables is obvious. Unlike Japan, fruit and vegetables can NOT be labelled with health and nutrition claims, due to strict laws and regulations. That does not stop us to move forward, convinced about the strong benefits being there! That is why we proudly introduce this tomato in the DEEN supermarkets in the Netherlands. Soon we expect to introduce other members of the Phytorich┬« range, including carrot and squash. Closely working together with like-minded growers, trade partners, retailers and institutes. And contributing to the important project ÔÇťthe value(s) of vegetables and fruitÔÇŁ.

When they finish eating, the Japanese often say:┬áÔÇťGochisosamaÔÇŁ. The word ÔÇťgochisoÔÇŁ refers to a feast: luxurious food or a good meal. It┬┤s an appreciation for the delicious food and the people involved in the meal.

Phytorich® is for everyone who puts health first and has a taste for delicious fresh!

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