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UNIO: One year later

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With UNIO the alliance partners aim for a leading position in the onion set market.

UNIO: One year later

One year ago, Takii and onion set specialist Go Products intensified their collaboration with the introduction of ‘UNIO’, a new brand for onion sets. With UNIO the alliance partners aim for a leading position in the onion set market. A year has now passed. How do they look back on the past, and what lies ahead?

UNIO has a unique identity but builds on an innovative breeding programme for onions run by Takii and supply and service provided by onion set specialist Go Products and its producers. Both organizations look back and ahead.

Paul Leenheer, Product & Account Manager at Takii Europe:
With the UNIO range, we stand for earliness and quality. We demonstrated that this year and we will prove it again coming year. We were able to supply excellent quality onion sets to the processors very early in the season. Reks, Takstar, Takmark, Medusa and Bonus, they all do very well, and that is confirmed by the growers with whom we are in close contact. For 2021 we have the promising Ruby Star F1 in the pipeline. This red onion will exceed the current standard for earliness and quality in this specific segment.

Arjen Goud, co-owner of Go Products:
The exclusive partnership with Takii, in combination with the launch of the UNIO concept, has been a very good decision. It has opened doors and has taken the level of professionalism to an even higher level. Takii and Go Products still pursue one mission and one vision together with UNIO; empower the grower, and obtain a leading market position in onion sets. My father Hans and I are looking forward to the second year!

More information about UNIO and the UNIO range can be found on the website http://www.settogrow.eu

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