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BLOG: Crisis & Consolation

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Flabbergasted, I think we all are...

Crisis & Consolation

Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Flabbergasted, I think we all are. The measures against the spread of the coronavirus now include more than just concerning our health. The situation varies from country to country, from business to business but affects our society and economy significantly everywhere. We are facing new challenges that we must approach with creativity and flexibility.

Also horticulture is hit hard. Where most fresh-vegetable producers for the consumer market still can continue their business, producers for the hospitality business are facing huge problems. The situation in floriculture is also severe, millions of plants and flowers are destroyed daily because the demand has largely disappeared. Our passionate growers are in survival mode and do their utmost to continue their business.

In those times of crisis, it is logical that we move back to core activities. So does Takii, as breeder and seed producer. We currently focus on ensuring a consistent supply and the continuation of creating new future varieties. In this way, our customers can continue to count on Takii so that sowing and harvesting can go on. We stand with our growers and are confident that we will get through this difficult period together.

It is good to experience that this situation does lead to creativity. Instead of throwing away flowers or plants, you can also give them away. Giving pays off. To those that deserve it in particular: like healthcare staff or (isolated) elderly people. In the Netherlands, I have seen several good initiatives to channel such activities. As well as call-outs to companies and consumers to please continue buying vegetables and flowers – and by doing so supporting the growers to keep them going. Some examples:

#BuyFlowersNotToiletpaper – Calls out to buy flowers, right now!

#FlowerBoostChallenge – To dare companies buying flowers for their employees, customers or relatives.

#nocresstowaste – A temporary “drive inn” for consumers to pick up vegetable cresses and a call out for other ideas to safeguard his crop.

Like many, I am currently working from home and remotely supporting our company, industry and society. I am encouraged by hearing such initiatives (no matter how small) and try to help them forward.

At home, from my window, I see Spring slowly unfold in my garden. Attached a picture of the beautiful Viola flowers, that currently look me in the face. A moment of joy and they tell me “seasons come and seasons go”. Flowers do give comfort and consolation in these bizarre times!

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