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BLOG: Lisianthus has it all!

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“It looks like serious competition is about to enter the cut flower top 5.”

Lisianthus has it all!

Author: Harm Custers – Manager Marketing & Sales Flowers at Takii Europe

Roses, tulips and chrysanthemums have been dominating the market for years. However, it looks like serious competition is about to enter the “cut-flower Top 5 ” This new star is called Lisianthus, and she offers everything you need….

The roots of Lisianthus go back to the Wild West, to the warm and humid regions of the southern United States and Caribbean. From there Lisianthus seeds were spread all over the world, but it was the Japanese that realized her potential and started breeding. For many years Lisianthus was only available in summer. Ten years ago Dutch growers made her available all year round. Since then development went very fast and she won the hearts of millions of lovers all over the world.

So, what is the secret of her success? Her elegance: gentle, special and very inspiring. She is diverse: colorful, exotic and never boring. O so strong: resistant, long lasting and she really opens up. She’s trendy too: from natural to sleek to fancy. Lisianthus has it all!

As you may notice, I am a huge fan of Lisianthus! She deserves it, seen the efforts made by so many to intensify her beauty and strength. And it only gets better: being one of the main breeding companies in Lisianthus, we take steps to create the best versions of this rising star.

Only occasionally one discovers a real unique variety, an extravagant Lisianthus: the highly promising newcomer ‘Corelli Delft Blue’ was launched onto the market early this year. ‘Corelli Delft Blue’ derives its name from the iconic hand-painted earthenware from Delft. Each flower has different markings, as if each petal is painted by hand. Passion, creativity and craftsmanship are the elements that link this Lisianthus to the world-famous earthenware.

‘Corelli Delft Blue’ led to a great marketing co-operation with Royal Delft, the last remaining earthenware factory from the 17th century. With all partners involved, we created the launch of this variety, which included a contest for florists to win a two-day Delft Blue Experience. Many florists clearly confirmed that they loved it very much!
No surprise how Lisianthus does that: she has it all!

Lisianthus Corelli Rose bred by Takii Seed Lisianthus Corelli Delft Blue bred by Takii  Lisianthus bred by Takii

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