Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite

β€˜Sunrich – Van Gogh’s Favorite’

A brand that derived from the co-branding partnership between the Van Gogh Museum and Takii, that has lasted since 2015. The brand brings together Takii’s Sunrich- sunflowers and the gatekeeper of Vincent Van Gogh’s legacy, the Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh inspires

Through Sunrich-sunflowers we spread an up-lifting and authentic message that is inspired by the remarkable life and art of Vincent Van Gogh. Sunrich is a power brand being a cut-flower sunflower that has high awareness and recall within the floriculture sector, from growers to florists. With Sunrich – Van Gogh’s Favorite’, the sunflower symbolism (love, hope and friendship) is brought to life through the unique stories and paintings of Vincent van Gogh.

Celebrate friendship

Unconditional, laughing together, being there for one another, love without sex, trust. That’s just a selection from the answers to the question: β€œWhat does friendship mean to you?”. As part of the International Day of Friendship, Takii and the Van Gogh Museum (friends since 2015) went out and about with a camera, sunflowers and one key question. The heartwarming video provides food for thought.

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Flowergram Sunflower edition

Takii, bloomon and the Van Gogh Museum are partnering to present the Flowergram Sunflower edition: an original arrangement of dried flowers inspired by Sunflowers (1889) – one of the most iconic and beloved of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. Together, Takii, bloomon and the Van Gogh Museum are literally and figuratively placing the story behind Van Gogh’s sunflower masterpiece on a pedestal.

For the Flowergram Sunflower edition, the β€˜Sunrich – Van Gogh’s Favorite’ sunflowers have been selected from breeder Takii, partner of the Van Gogh Museum and initiator of this unique collaboration.

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The sunflower inspires

We celebrate the sunflower as a constant source of creativity, together with our partner Van Gogh Museum. Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Sunflowers’ inspired Takii’s ‘Sunrich – Van Gogh’s Favorite’ sunflower collection, and both inspired the Sunflower Flash Amsterdam that master florists The Wunderkammer created for us. Watch how our partnership contributes to enriching people’s lives with Van Gogh’s legacy through sunflowers and read the full article.

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