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Takii and Go Products introduce UNIO

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‘UNIO’, a new brand for onion sets.

Takii and onion set specialist Go Products are intensifying their collaboration with the introduction of ‘UNIO’, a new brand for onion sets. The alliance partners aim to use UNIO to reshape their profile in a more meaningful way, and to more firmly position themselves in the onion set market. UNIO’s mission is to empower growers.

Takii and Dutch onion set producer Go Products have many years of successful collaboration under their belts when it comes to onion sets. An exclusive strategic partnership combined with a new brand identity was the next logical step en route to a leading market position for onion sets.

Earlier in the year, the two family companies signed a collaboration agreement at Takii’s headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. ‘It’s a milestone for our collaboration and an especially poignant moment for me. After eighteen years as a pioneer, Go Products has evolved into the professional organization that I had always envisaged, and that’s partly thanks to my son Arjen,’ explains Hans Goud, founder and co-owner of Go Products.

Over the past few months, the two companies have been working together behind the scenes to develop the new onion set brand ‘UNIO’.

UNIO has a unique identity but builds on an innovative breeding programme for onions run by Takii and supply and service provided by onion set specialist Go Products and its producers. Through UNIO, Takii and Go Products aim to establish a clear profile in the onion set market. Erik Vesseur, Head of Sales at Takii Europe explains, ‘UNIO’s mission is to empower growers. We do this by offering a wide variety of onion sets that stand out in terms of earliness and yield, by listening to the needs of growers, and by setting the bar high for quality and service. Reliability is an important brand value within all of this. Our slogan “set to grow” underlines the mission of UNIO.’

Further information about UNIO and the UNIO range is available on the brand-new website www.settogrow.eu


Image: Kazuo Hatsuda (Senior Executive Director Takii & Co. Japan) and Hans Goud (Go Products)

UNIO set to grow

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