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BLOG: Celebrate Summer

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"An annual tradition to celebrate summer is born!"

Celebrate Summer

Author: Harm Custers – Manager Marketing & Sales Flowers at Takii Europe

Although we already had fantastic summer weather in Holland in the months of May and June, the astronomical start of summer took place on June 21st. It is also the longest day of the year with about 18,5 hours of light in Holland! Why not celebrate this..…? With Sunflowers!

Last year we kicked off with an activation campaign on this special day: to kick off the start of the Sunflower season and to promote Takii’s  Sunflower concept  ‘Sunrich – van Gogh’s Favorite’. This year we further shaped this event and it proved again: the strength of the power of flowers. An annual tradition to celebrate summer is born!

Sunrich friends (lifestyle bloggers, social connectors as well as top florists) were invited for an exclusive afternoon at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam where inspiration and creation went hand in hand. This resulted in high engagement on social media.

In addition to this, hundreds of passers-by on the Museumplein were pleasantly surprised with a Sunrich – Van Gogh’s Favorite sunflower. Lots of happy pictures have been shared by people using the hashtags #celebratesummer and #SunrichVanGogh.

Quoting one of my colleagues (Irma Jansen) who was handing out Sunflowers to the people: ‘The words “Happy Summer” when giving them a Sunflower bring a smile to people’s faces. In a few words, this describes exactly the vibe that went around the Museumplein last Thursday. Reactions varied from disbelief to utter thankfulness, from smiles to – can you believe it – even hugs! We have left an unforgettable experience in their minds which they will remember when seeing a Sunflower in future!’

With the distribution of only 1200 sunflowers, we could directly contribute to more beauty, joy, and happiness to over a  thousand individuals. It was just a short moment and just in one spot, but we did! Connect this with the summer feeling: sunshine that lifts your spirits, being outside, enjoying holidays, social interactions which are easier, relaxation…..

We did enrich people’s life, that is our mission, and what a great experience it was! We should all celebrate summer! I wish you all a great summer, enjoy!

P.S. Watch the after-movie for one minute of summer happiness RIGHT HERE

Celebrate Summer'18 with Sunrich Van Gogh's Favourite Celebrate Summer'18  Celebrate Summer MuseumPlein

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