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BLOG: Family & Co.

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Family offers you the support you need to thrive...

BLOG: Family & Co.

Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing at Takii Europe B.V.

Our daily lives are dominated by the measures taken against the spread of the Coronavirus quite sometime now. It seems that we will have to deal with restrictive measures for a long period of time. What I again realized, is how important family is in these worrying times. Family offers you the support you need to thrive.

People have many ways of defining ‘family’. To some, family means a bloodline or a shared last name. To others, family stands for shared beliefs and sharing experiences.

In my opinion, family provides care and affection. A strong family bond builds on a foundation of shared values, respect and unconditional support. Did you know that it is even a proven fact that members from a strong family can manage stress and crisis more effectively?

I am very grateful to be part of a very nice family, both private and business. I currently work from home, being very close to my beloved wife and children. We are now spending more valuable time ‘live’ together than ever. And strangely, even though we work remotely, I seem more connected than ever to my colleagues at Takii & Co. (a real family business).

The current crisis unfolds the strength of family companies, which still play a vital role in horticulture. Family-run businesses are built for endurance rather than speed. Like marathon runners, they are trained for a long‑distance race. Their ultimate goal? Ensure that the company exists for more generations. Which offers advantages in terms of solidarity, loyalty and forward-thinking. Family companies often outperform in more traditionally structured markets.

This Corona crisis strengthens my belief in the importance of family. This ‘massive’ crisis can be reduced to a smaller (family) scale, which can better be overseen and ‘managed’. Still with a significant impact, but carried by the various family members. Working closely together, sharing sorrows and joy – with clear common goals in mind.

Which means that this crisis can also bring something good: a stronger family bond!


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