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BLOG: Rethink, Revalue and Flip-Thinking

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A synonym for “yes-and-thinking” is Flip-Thinking.

Rethink, Revalue and Flip-Thinking

Author: Harm Custers – Head of Marketing

This Blog is an ode to the true entrepreneurs. During the last month, I have been inspired by a couple of them. People that stand out, have a clear vision and seize opportunities. Who are they and why do they inspire me?

Who they are: there are many! The people behind different kinds of companies like Emsflower, Kipster, Pitch Academy or Koppert Cress. Passionate, creative and strongly driven to achieve their goals. People that dare to trust their feelings and make decisions based on the combination of logic and intuition.

Then why do they touch my heart? For various reasons.

They seem to deal well with changes in the fast-changing world. They do not resist but embrace. They are open to change within their organizations and constantly rethink conventional wisdom. Rethink: to think about again. That is one.

Entrepreneurs that change the way of thinking boost the motivation of the staff, thereby generating added value. Revalue: to change the value of something or to consider it again. That is two.

Most people have the “yes-but” way of thinking. There is also a “yes-and” thinking. A synonym for “yes-and-thinking” is Flip-Thinking. With this way of thinking you look at reality the way it is, and you focus on what you can do with it.  You use the problem’s energy to create something. Yes, and how can we make sure that it works? Flip-Thinking is the third thing those entrepreneurs have in common.

I truly admire those true entrepreneurs. They dare to dream big. They take action. They reach the unreachable, time after time. They see the clouds AND the horizon. Isn’t that fantastic?

I hope this all will inspire you as much as it does to me. For this reason, I am so proud and happy with the renewed partnership between Takii and the Van Gogh Museum. I can assure you that the coming 3 years you will hear from us – with a rethought and revalued partnership activation!

One of the childhood heroes – Pippi Longstocking – expressed this way of thinking and acting already years ago  “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

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