How it all started

Takii was established in 1835, starting as a seed store, dealing seeds of local Kyoto vegetables. Mr. Jisaburo Takii who was known as a hardworking and reliable farmer, started to produce and to distribute quality seed, which was the very beginning of Takii.

Kyoto was an old capital and various kinds of vegetables from other areas were gathered and presented to the Imperial family and for many heads of temples. Thus Kyoto has become one of the cradles of the seed industry in Japan.

In 1920, Takii started to export seed overseas, and after 1926 established its International Division.

After WWII, Takii has been developing quality seed, creating new distribution networks and new ways of promotion, causing it to be recognized as one of the leading companies in the seed industry.

Until this day our strength lies within our experience and authenticity. What we create now is built on a foundation of a remarkably wide range of varieties, techniques and knowledge we have accumulated over the past 183 years.

Through innovation that is driven by care, precision and authenticity we have become the experts we are today.


Our History

The Takii story, that traces its roots nearly two centuries ago, is one of tradition, authenticity, professionalism and growth. Beginning in 1835 with a small family-owned seed store in Kyoto, Japan, Takii has continually defined a management style and philosophy that has led to becoming a globally integrated (of world-leading) breeding company of optimum quality vegetable and flower varieties.

Our Logo

Takii is a Japanese family name. Our current President & CEO, Mr. Denichi Takii, is the 5th generation who is directing the company. The circles symbolize infinity, totality, wholeness and original perfection. The red circle stands for the Sun and its masculine power, it is also used in the Japanese flag. The yellow circle stands for Mother Earth and its feminine energy. The blue circle stands for Water and its purity and fertility. The three circles are connected and are the three natural resources which together are needed to germinate a seed and to bring its potential to life. With these three primary colors all other colors can be mixed. The outlines with rounded corners embody that nothing in nature is straight.

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